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Best Tips and Tricks for an Amateur Wedding Photographer

Are you an amateur wedding photographer? Are you nervous about your shots in a recent wedding ceremony you are going to cover? You might be feeling a bit unnerved thinking of the hustle and bustle of a wedding ceremony but if you are passionate enough for photography then you can capture those moments which are brimming with life. No other work could be as great as capturing happy moments for people that they are going to cherish for a lifetime.

Tips for Wedding photography

The following wedding photography tips and tricks will help you in to capture the best moments:

  • Try not be manipulative

Natural shots are the best shots at a wedding place with people in vibrant mood and colors. When you are at the bride’s house, you will get a lot of activity to cover like the bride getting ready with her make-up, the bride’s mother adjusts her veil, the bride engrossed in a conversation with her friends, the busy father of the bride, etc. When you are at the groom’s house snap the images of groom getting ready and relaxing with groomsman, the best man adjusting the groom’s tie and the jovial mood of the people around. These natural wedding photography tips will make add a life to your snap.


  • Dig in for detail

Do not miss any detail when you are roaming about the wedding venue with your camera. You can photograph the decorated but deserted wedding venue before the arrival of any guest. You can focus on little details like the wedding gown of the bride hanging in her wardrobe, the neckpiece of the bride, the shy but happy smile of the bride when her eyes meet with the groom on the wedding day, the groom’s boutonniere or cufflinks, the bride’s shoes peeking below her dress and the trail of the bride’s gown while she crosses the threshold of her house to go to the wedding venue.

  • Be spontaneous

Do not wait for the perfect shot rather make a moment perfect with your shot. Remember that when you have your professional camera in your hand and the license to photograph, you do not have any time to relax as you cannot miss any precious moment. If you do not have any specific moment to photograph, you can shot the family pictures on the wall or the simply the decorations to fill in the spaces of the wedding album.

  • Be bold and bossy

When you get the license to photograph a wedding, you get the right to be bossy but without crossing the limits. You do not have to be unnerved about the people all around and what they might be thinking about you. After the vows are being exchanged you can click the bride and the groom along with other guests. You can take a picture of the bride and the groom seated in their car for the wedding reception with a full-frame fish eye. You can get to an elevated part of the church and asked everybody to look up while they raise their toast.

To sum up

You can always have the option to Photoshop pictures but a natural shot will be more appealing with these wedding photography tips.