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Smart Wedding Photography Tips Shared

Wedding photography is not a matter of passion for photography and it involves experience. The moments that the photographer will capture are the priciest moments of the couple. Thus you need to be very sure if you think you are going to do the wedding photography. The wedding will have lots of memories that the couple will love to capture it for the whole life. It is only possible through the photographs. Any amateur part in it you are going to ruin the reputation for your life. So before you take up the assignment of wedding photography here are few wedding photography tips you need to remember:


You might have the passion for photography. But wedding photography needs a little more experience than you are thinking so. You have to handle things very carefully. You need to know about the events and do some guess work about the relatives and the friends. The moments need to be captured in the lenses. Your skill cannot grow from reading a book but you need to accompany the professional who are experienced in wedding photography.

Provide the catalog of your work

The work that you did earlier will speak about your efficiency. Make sure you put forward the best of your works. Even if you have not done wedding photography before make sure to show the couple some other pictures of different category so that they know your style of working. If they area satisfied with your prior work the deal is done.

Let the world know

If you are an experienced one make sure that the couple knows about it. It’s not just bragging but an advertisement of your work to prove that you are a professional in the field.  Of you have covered a few popular wedding in the city then it’s an icing on the cake for you.

The agreement

This is a crucial part while you take the assignment of the wedding. Make sure that all the details of the payment and the areas and occasions that are needed to be covered are there in the agreement. Make sure both the parties read the agreement prior hand before signing. If there is any changes later make sure that all are updated before the final agreement is done.

Be prepared for the worst

You might have planned for all but be sure you always remain prepared for the sudden situations. The battery or the lighting, anything can go wrong. Get everything a backup. Check twice before you set for the work. Check the memory of the camera is free to capture a number of photos. Do not forget the charger. Recheck all the plans. Make a list of the things that you need to carry and have to do. See the checklist every time to be sure.


Wedding photography is thus a great responsibility put on the photographer. The beautiful moments that won’t return in a person’s life are being captured by the photographer in the lenses. This it remains a work of lifetime. The moments that are captured does not get old due to the snaps taken by the photographer with the professional hands.