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Tips To Make Wedding Photography Beautiful

Photographing the wedding is a hectic job and needs certain level of expertise for being the perfect and competent wedding photographer. Professional photographers are often offered to photograph the wedding of their friends and relatives even if they are not an expert in wedding photography. Here are some wedding photography tips to highlight your talent a little more:

Make the list

Visit the couple. Have a discussion with them and make a list of the shots that they wish to have. Share your list with the couple and update it to be ready for the wedding.

The group photos

Weddings usually have those group photos of the entire family with the bride and the groom. Sometimes both the side’s family is to be adjusted into a single frame. At the same time you have to be sure that the picture appears perfect as it will be the most awaited picture that both the families will love to see. Round up the members so that the position looks dynamic.

The location

Check the location where the wedding is to rake place. It will be easier for you as you will have idea of different positions from where you can take the shots. You will also have an idea of the lighting that the place requires.


The preparation of the wedding is the other thing that you have to keep in mind. You have to be double or triple sure about everything. Have the Plan B ready always. The problems like weather problem, battery, memory and all are just common. Make a checklist and be sure all is done before you start your day.


Make an agreement of the work you are about to do. Before the agreement make sure you show some of your previous work to create an expectation in the mind of the couple.

Camera sounds

When you are shooting on the wedding day please turn off the camera sounds. It is simply annoying to hear the repetitive popping sounds of the camera clicks. It will just disturb the process of wedding.

 Concentrate on details

The little details in the wedding are important and thus required to be captured. The rings, flowers, tiara and the little thing that will be captured will give the wedding album that extra look.

Have two cameras

Even if you do not have one you need to hire or borrow it. It is very necessary that you keep an extra camera in hand as you never know when some technical problems might arise. There won’t be options for charging your camera always so an extra camera is very much a necessity. It is ine of the most important wedding photography tips.

Have another photographer

If the budget permits you can hire someone else along with you. If there is demand to cover up all the details of the wedding it is very much necessary that there is more than one photographer because it becomes difficult to cover up all the small arrangements by a single photographer.

These are only few wedding photography tips discussed. Many are there that you will know as you start working and gain experience.